Friday, March 21, 2008

Jack Sass Radio

If you haven't checked out Jack Sass radio, then you haven't lived. Not only is it a kickass internet, open-format radio station with live musicians, comedians and even a Chick McGee look-a-like (a la Matt Mitchell) – it has beer. Lots and lots of beer!

Subscribe to Jack's daily podcast thru RSS and visit for the live show schedule (every Tuesday and Thursday night 7-9PM Central).

Recent and Upcoming Guests:

February 26th, 7-9 PM - Jason Witt
February 28th, 7-9 PM - Henry Pile
March 4th - 7-9 PM - Chris Nathan
March 6th - 7-9 PM - Donna Frost
March 11th - 7 – 9 PM - On Tracy Lane
March 13th - 7-9 PM - Sawyer Davis
March 18th -7-9 PM - Uberphonics
March 20th - 7-9 PM - Rodeo Pony
March 25th - 7-9 PM - Multiple Comedians
March 27th - 7-9 PM - Mellow Down n Easy



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