Monday, July 9, 2007

Beef Stew, Rice Noodle, French Bread, my Friend?

Wow. 5 weeks can really fly… then again, when you are talking about BEEF STEW… not so much.

This week (we think) marks the week that Vinh Long returns from their pilgrimage to the Motherland. Or is it Fatherland? Is the Fatherland reserved just for Germans? And don't Africans have claim to the Motherland? Whatever… Beef Stew Returns. So we celebrate!

There really is something magical about it. Maybe it is the tender beefy beefness. Or the way that it comes ready to eat, but with options to "pimp your stew" to your individual tastes. I don't know. Maybe it just the way our host welcomes us with a friendly, accented 'My Friend'.

Now normally we are all about BEEF STEW WEDNESDAYS. But, with Daylight Saving Time (and the closely related Hudson Standard Time lunch clock) we have moved up Beef Stew to TUESDAY. Assuming our calculations are indeed correct, of course. Who knows, maybe the Vietnamese run off of a Lunar Calendar. Maybe the solar calendar… or even the lunisolar calendar like the Jews. I don't think they use the Islamic or Equatorial calendar, but what the pho do I know?

So as I drink my weak American light beer ( which tastes great and is less filling ), I would like to leave you with you some Pho'nny Pictures… but I cannot figure out how to add my pictures. Argh!

And the history lesson for today:

Vinh Long is a typical province of Mekong delta. If you have only one or two days to visit Mekong Delta, this can be the best destination. You can take a boat trip from Mekong river to small canals shadowed by green water coconut tree, visit orchard garden, taste some local fruit there or watching local people making rice paper or pop corn in their home. You also can enjoy the typical meal of Mekong Delta in the garden of some family run restaurant.

Right now, that is WhereMyMindzat!


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